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6 reasons why it’s time to start your own tutoring business

6 reasons why it’s time to start your own tutoring business

Dec 18, 2018

Are you a tutor who’s considered branching out on your own, but have been too worried about overhead and admin to make the leap? Or maybe you’re a classroom teacher interested in earning some extra income and helping students out one-on-one in focused sessions, but don’t want to lose all your free time to running a business?

Clark is a software platform designed specifically for educators like you. It makes it easy to run and operate a business, so you can grow your client base, reputation, and income without wasting so many billable hours on tasks like branding and accounting.

Still on the fence? Here are just a few of the reasons you might want to step up from tutor to tutoring business owner.

1. Build a client base with no limits. An individual tutor is always playing the balancing game between needing a full client base to ensure steady income and not wanting to over-commit to an unsustainable schedule. As a business owner, you can bring on more tutors as needed to support a growing base of students, so you don’t need to turn hard-earned clients away or worry that marketing efforts or recommendations were in vain if you can’t fit them into your own personal tutoring schedule. Clark gives you visibility into client schedules and tutor workloads, so you can easily match supply and demand.

2. Employ others. Hand in hand with growing your client base come opportunities to share the wealth with other educators, whether that’s tutors you’ve met through your career or local teachers looking to supplement their income. As a business owner, you can do more than just pass on a referral—you can employ other tutors and retain clients that come to you at the same time. Clark’s accounting tools make processes like logging sessions, invoicing clients at different rates, and paying tutors simple and quick.

3. Grow your brand. You’re already building a reputation with the great work that you do. Seize on those positive impressions by growing a brand to expand your reach and influence. Clark lets you customize the appearance of your client communications, from session reports to invoices, to put your name and logo front and center.

4. Reach more students. Running a tutoring business lets you bring together more tutors with expertise in more subjects, which in turn lets you help more kids. Increase your impact by increasing your ability to serve more students. Clark offers tools to keep scheduling simple and accommodate students who are paying different rates based on subject or package size, so managing more clients is a breeze. And having more tutors on staff to cover new clients means you can spend more time working with the ones you’ve already invested time and energy into.

5. Make more money. As a teacher, you can boost your income by 50% by running a tutoring business. And if you’re a solo tutor, you can make 75% more as a business owner than by tutoring on your own. With Clark’s help, you’ll have full control over billable hours, administrative tasks, and overhead expenses, and more tutors working with more clients under your brand means more dollars for your bottom line.

6. You don’t need to do it alone. Juggling different clients on different schedules and different packages—it’s a lot for one person. As your business grows, shift some of that work to other tutors so you can focus your energy and efforts where it matters most to you. And take advantage of Clark’s tools to keep the business operations running smoothly. We are here to help! From streamlined, on-the-go session reporting with mobile-friendly tools to easy-to-use invoicing, accounting, and revenue tracking features, Clark has you covered, whether have have one or 500 tutors on staff. And if you’re your only employee? Clark can take the stress and overhead out of getting to the next level.

Are you ready to take the leap?

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