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A Big Hole in the Empire State’s Budget Frustrates Educators

A Big Hole in the Empire State’s Budget Frustrates Educators

Jan 03, 2018

Fiscal woes don’t look set to please anyone in NY’s education sector: can tutors fill in when tight budgets constrain schools’ ambitions?

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo will release his policy priorities for 2018 this Wednesday, with a budget proposal expected to follow later.

The outlook for NY public educators already looks mixed: the state’s already facing a likely $4.4 billion deficit, with a potentially disastrous situation for state and local education funding, thanks to Congress’ tax overhaul, and the NY Board of Regents has asked for a smaller budget increase than last year’s proposal.

NY State’s charter schools will also remain a contentious issue.

Charter school funding increased by $500 per pupil last year, well short of the $1,500 per pupil sought by charter school advocates. While charter funding is slated to increase along with district school funding from 2018-2019, advocates say they will seek further increases. With a tighter budget for all public schools, there could be a bruising fight ahead.

Tighter state budgets, however, shouldn’t translate into fewer opportunities for students: can tutors pick up the slack?

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As Gov. Cuomo lays out his 2018 agenda, here’s what that could mean for New York’s schools https://ny.chalkbeat.org/posts/ny/2018/01/02/as-gov-cuomo-lays-out-his-2018-agenda-heres-what-that-could-mean-for-new-yorks-schools/

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