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Calling all educators! Ready to add ‘entrepreneur’ to your job description?

Calling all educators! Ready to add ‘entrepreneur’ to your job description?

Mar 25, 2019

We started Clark to help provide more income opportunities for educators, who we truly see as the most important people in society. While many of the educators we work with have used our software to streamline operations at long-running businesses, what we’ve seen more and more is new or first-time business owners looking for solutions.

These new business owners are using Clark from day one—to organize client communications and schedules, make accounting and payment processing easier, and to stay on top of regular session reports, all in one place.

That got us thinking. How could we help these educators just starting out as tutoring business hit the ground running and gain traction faster?

That’s why we’re launching Clark Build, an accelerator program designed to help skilled educators who are ready to start their own tutoring operation.

Are you a tutor who has always wanted to start your own tutoring business? Are you a teacher, caregiver or retired educator interested in building a business that serves students who need you, while you also get to set your own hours and control your income?

We are calling all skilled educators who have aspirations of owning their own tutoring business to apply for Clark Build today.

You can apply directly on our website here.

We work with tutoring businesses, individual educators, and educational therapists and consultants who support kids day to day, and who have turned their vocations into thriving businesses. Working with these people informs how we build our tools to best meet their needs, but it’s also set us up to know how to support the next generation of educational businesses—to help them get started and be successful even faster.

If you’re considering starting your own tutoring company, now’s the time. With Clark Build, you’ll get access to our end-to-end operational software specifically designed for tutors, plus you’ll work closely with our team of experts to build a scalable tutoring business in your community.

We’ll help with all the basics—think incorporation, licensing, insurance, and bank accounts—and give you access to best-in-class guides on tutoring practices. We’ll help you build and create marketing materials, a website, and a company brand to help you stand out, connect you with like-minded tutors to learn from and grow with, and even connect you with your first clients from the Clark network.

And at the end of the day? You’re the boss. You set prices, pick subjects, decide how many tutors and clients you want to work with, and run your business the way you imagine it.

Ready to get started?

Apply today