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Celebrating National Tutoring Week

Celebrating National Tutoring Week

Oct 03, 2017

Four ways to celebrate your tutor during National Tutoring Week.

It’s the first week of October, which means it’s National Tutoring Week!

What is National Tutoring Week? Launched a decade ago by the National Tutoring Association, this week is dedicated to honoring tutors and recognizing the lasting contributions they impart on our lives. Tutors play a critical role in educating and shaping our children, the future leaders of our country. They are patient, hard-working, understanding and committed to the success of our students. They mold children’s lives in positive directions and dedicate themselves to spreading knowledge.

Observing National Tutoring Week

It’s time to say “thank you” to the exceptional tutors that you know. During National Tutoring Week, schools, universities, tutoring centers, and other communities take part in celebrating the hard work of tutors in different ways. Whether your tutoring goals are focused on test prep, grade improvement, learning disability support, short-term assignments, or to advancement in a subject you’re eager to learn, let them know that you value them and all the work they put in to help you advance. How will you show your appreciation? There are many ways to observe this week, and we’ve outlined some of our favorite ideas for all people who have had their lives touched by tutors.

  1. Show your work. A tutor’s goal is always to simply ensure you improve. One of the best ways to show them you value them is by illustrating how much they have helped you in working towards your goals. For example, are you being tutored in a foreign language? Write your tutor a short story in that language on your own time. Or, put together a scavenger hunt for your tutor to solve using topics you’ve learned to show your comprehension and get them involved in a different way. Taking the initiative to proactively show them how far you’ve come with their support is invaluable and will make a huge impact.

  2. Write a note. Giving your tutor a handwritten note is a small but meaningful gesture. It’s cheap, simple, and quick, but lets your tutor know that you recognize them. In your letter, let them know some of the positive effects they’ve had on your life. Note how you felt when your grades improved, for example, as an effect of your engagement. Bring up specific times that they were especially important in your life. A note is a great opportunity to focus on their overall positive impact on your life and let them know you recognize how important they are in helping you reach your goals.

  3. Gift a gift. A thoughtful gift goes a long way, no matter how big or small it may be. Did your tutor mention a favorite snack during any of your sessions? Make sure you have some on hand for them this week. Do you know of an upcoming project or commitment they have that may be adding to their workload? Put together a care package to help them relax. You can buy flowers, create a piece of your own original artwork, make dinner, or anything in between. Gifts come in many forms, and you can certainly get creative.

  4. Spread the word. One of the best ways you can show your tutor that you appreciate the great work they do is by recommending them to others. If you know of another student struggling in a similar way that prompted you to hire your tutor, give that student their contact information and pile on the praise! If you don’t know of anyone offhand who would benefit from their services, write positive reviews on local tutoring sites where people searching might see it. Word-of-mouth referrals are usually the strongest form of marketing for professions such as tutoring, and by spreading the word you’ll be helping them grow their business.

Tutoring is no easy task. Showing your tutor how much you value the work they put in is always nice, and this week is the ideal time to say thank you. This National Tutoring Week, come up with a creative and meaningful way to recognize your tutor for all the work they do. They’ll appreciate it more than words!

How will you be celebrating National Tutoring Week? Join Clark and follow along with the blog for more ideas.