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Clark v1 Is Now Available

Clark v1 Is Now Available

Oct 02, 2017

To kick off National Tutoring Week 2017, a full week dedicated to celebrating tutors, we are excited to announce the release of Clark v1 for iOS--available immediately.

This is the biggest update to the Clark platform since our beta iOS app was released in March of this year.

This official first version of the Clark app comes as a direct response to the tremendous feedback we got from our beta users. This app is built for the tutor but, in many ways, it was also built by the tutor.

Not many people know this, but Clark was started when we, as co-Founders, asked a bunch of tutors if we could run their tutoring businesses for them…by hand. That meant we made countless phone calls, sent hundreds of text messages and email reminders, tracked student progress, and handled accounts receivables for tutors without the help of any software so we could understand what it truly meant to run a successful tutoring business that could scale. From there we built a beta product and after even more phone calls, texts, focus groups, and chats we have now built what we believe is the best product we can deliver today to the most valuable folks we know: tutors.

Starting today users can:

Add Students, Book Sessions, Create Reports

Download the app today and you'll notice it's now completely self-serve. While Clark is still just a chat away when you need him, you can now add students, book sessions, and create session reports without having to ask. The level of freedom this unlocks is magnified by a simplified chat experience that makes it easy to perform the most critical actions to your tutoring business.

Introducing Learning Plans

The success of a student is paramount in every tutor's mind, but what are you measuring against, and how are these expectations communicated? Learning Plans offer a simple way for you to record goals, milestones, and focus on the specific dimensions you'd like to measure over time. Save the learning plan for your records or take it a step further and share it with parents to start your tutoring engagement on the right foot.

After speaking with many of you, we have created dimensions spanning social-emotional learning, subject competency, and project management. The flexibility provided by this pedagogy allows for accurate representations of student goals alongside plain English explanations of what is being tracked.

Progress, Normalized

Session reports have been a part of the Clark platform since the beginning. As a way to compile notes and communicate with parents, session reports have always been a great addition to your tutoring business. We've noticed how much you love these, and we've made them even better.

Starting today these reports have been upgraded to provide better context over the entire course of a tutoring engagement, allowing Clark to visualize student progress and better communicate changes to tutors and parents alike. Reports are now graded against the dimensions laid out in your learning plan, making it easy to track progress or flag areas that need improvement on a session-by-session basis. With a brand new visual layout for both you and parents, session reports have never been more powerful.

By focusing on our mission to provide tutors with access to sustainable incomes we've dramatically improved a tutor's ability to run and grow their business with the Clark app. Download it today.

Coming Soon...

Android. No, really. Get in line for Android today.

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