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The Method that Helps Girls in STEM

The Method that Helps Girls in STEM

Jul 01, 2019

Winner: The Ladder Method
Runner-up: Highline Tutoring and Testing Center

Founded in 2015 by Candice Lapin, The Ladder Method has 42 tutors, has served more than 600 students and completed more than 18274 hours of tutoring. They focus on areas such as Executive Functioning, Organization, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), ISEE, and Reading Comprehension.

At The Ladder Method, her team of instructors are viewed as mentors, teammates, and performance coaches that supplement what classroom teachers do. When it comes to STEM, her team views these traditionally male-dominated subjects as critical areas of study for young women, particularly as they are key components of new and emerging industries.

In the words of a parent whose child saw success with The Ladder Method, "Just want to say a HUGE thank you for all of your hard work. We just received Georgia’s grades and she went from an F in Chemistry to an A-!.” And another: “In Geometry, which we thought was a wash, she went from an F to a ..... B+!!!!! Thanks so much.”

Read on to learn more about what set Candice Lapin and The Ladder Method apart in the minds of our judges!

What makes your tutoring business unique?

The Ladder Method is a proprietary Meta-Learning method created and developed by our founder Candice Lapin. It is a method that blends learning techniques, executive functioning skills and mindfulness tools that she has developed over time while attending the prestigious Cornell University in New York and later as an Executive at a Fortune 1000 Company. Drawing from 10 different study habits and life skills, her staff helps you or your child reach their highest potential, gaining confidence while reducing the time spent at any task.

What role do you think tutoring should play in education?

We believe that we are mentors, coaches and teammates that supplement what educators in schools cannot do because they cannot go into the home. We overhaul the life skills of children and families so that students of all ages can learn how to learn most effectively.

Why does helping girls specifically with STEM subjects matter to you? Why is this work important in general?

Historically, young girls have felt reluctant to pursue STEM because science, technology, engineering, and math have been understood to be male-dominated fields. Our founder Candice Lapin was the first female founder invited to LA-based startup incubator Launchpad. Back in 2008, she was one of very few (if any) female founders in technology. She has always been one to break down doors and make it possible for others to do the same. It became her mission to change the dial in technology and to help other young women break down barriers in male-dominated professions. Today, the face of technology has changed with so many more female founders, but she doesn’t feel that her work is done. According to Techcrunch, women raised less than 3% of all Venture Capital in 2018! She makes sure that her company is filled with strong female instructors so that young female students who come to her company have a female face mentoring them and teaching them science or math or programming.

Congratulations to the team at The Ladder Method on your accomplishment!