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Jumpstarting your tutoring business with Clark Build

Jumpstarting your tutoring business with Clark Build

May 17, 2019

As an educator, making the decision to leave the classroom and pursue a full-time career running your own tutoring company can be daunting. But if you’ve made the choice, you’ve already done the hardest part!

With the pay gap between teachers and other professionals widening and salaries for teachers at nationwide lows, starting a small business in education is a great next step for educators who want to keep doing what they do best but also grow their career and earn more income. And as the popularity of locally owned tutoring centers grows, the moment is now to seize the opportunity and get started.

And we’re here to help! Clark Build is an accelerator program specifically to help get new tutoring companies off the ground. With online courses designed by tutors for tutors, access to resources, coaching, and community support, and a matching service to pair you with your first clients, Clark Build is like getting a business in a box.

So what does entrepreneurship training for tutors look like? It starts with a 5-day intensive online training course, where for 3-4 hours a day you’ll work with a live instructor to cover topics like:

  • Entrepreneurship: exploring what makes a successful small business tick and defining your opportunities and goals
  • Developing your mission: defining and writing a compelling business mission
  • Knowing your market: understanding your target market Building and managing relationships: examining the importance of network-building in the private tutoring space and strategic plans for communicating with target clients
  • Branding and marketing: establishing the basics and developing tools to aid in business growth, including help with naming, branding and logo design, and developing your online presence
  • Planning your business growth: discussing the importance of business planning and writing a first-year business plan

Mark Schwartz, of Intrepid Tutoring in Sacramento, recently went through the online training portion of the Build program. As he said,

“I thought this was just the best. I haven’t had training as competent as this in quite some time. I just want to say you taught me so much that I needed to learn.”

After the online intensive, you’ll have regular check-ins with Clark’s network of entrepreneurship coaches and tutoring advisors to go more in-depth on operational topics like bookkeeping, financial management, developing an online presence, promoting your business, and navigating common challenges in tutoring. And the support continues all through your first year, with workshops, quarterly consulting sessions, and access to Clark’s network as you take your business into the future.

It’s not just about training, though. Clark Build will actually match you with your first tutoring clients, so you can hit the ground running as soon as you complete the program. And the cost of Clark Build includes access to the Clark platform, easy-to-use software designed specifically for managing a tutoring business that will set you up to do everything from scheduling sessions to processing payments, all in one place.

The goal of Clark Build is to help turn teachers into entrepreneurs, giving you the tools and training that you need to run your own sustainable, profitable tutoring company. As Denice Dixon, a former middle school teacher who founded TREAD Educational Services in Atlanta said, “I’ve always felt confident in my abilities as an educator, but running my own business is another story. Clark isn’t just a technology vendor for TREAD. They’ve been a true partner, and have empowered me to create a thriving business that is making a meaningful impact on the community in the greater Atlanta area.”

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