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Know Thyself: Getting Students to Reflect

Know Thyself: Getting Students to Reflect

Dec 14, 2017

Connected learning is essential if students are going to retain and reflect on the knowledge tutors give them.

Rote learning went out the window a while ago (at least here in the U.S.). But educators still face an age-old issue: how can your lessons really sink in?

Try incorporating portfolios into your lesson plans to encourage students to self-reflect on the knowledge they've gained.

Portfolios are great ways for students to compile a physical roadmap of how far they’ve come in the learning process. But they do a lot more than just help students recall old material: more importantly, students can reflect on how they learned new content, connect that new content to older knowledge, and take motivation from how far they’ve progressed.

Students’ self-reflection can be written or visualized through illustration and schemas – the good news is there’s no one way to do it. There is one thing educators are sure about: students become more confident in the process.

Knowledge, critical thinking, and the confidence to push ahead: how’s that for a recipe for academic success?

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