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Making Data Parent-Friendly

Making Data Parent-Friendly

Jan 07, 2018

Data is not just for the experts: Big Data advocates argue parents deserve to know how their students and schools are performing, too.

Communicating clearly about students’ progress is a major component of the parent-educator relationship.

However, a recent survey of parents nationwide exposes a major disjuncture between parental perceptions of their children’s academic performance and the reality.

Across the board, 90% of parents thought their children were achieving at or above grade level in math and reading. The contrast with reality is dismally stark: roughly 40% of grade 4 students made the grade, according to the 2015 National Assessment of Educational Progress.

How can educators get parents on the same page?

Data advocates say school systems need to release big data on school and student performance in a way that parents can easily access and understand. Without that information, parents—and students—are at a disadvantage in long-term planning for students’ academic careers.

Tutors face similar issues in building a positive relationship with their students’ parents. Effective communication not only gives parents a better idea of how their students are doing academically: a positive tutor-parent relationship can also lead to referrals for more tutoring opportunities.

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