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Moskawitz: EdTech Should “Digitize and Automate” Outside the Classroom

Moskawitz: EdTech Should “Digitize and Automate” Outside the Classroom

Dec 21, 2017

One of the leading lights in NYC’s charter school movement says EdTech’s priorities need to shift toward supporting educators, not replacing them.

Success Academy founder Eva Moskawitz offered her self-styled “unpopular perspectives” at last week’s NY EdTech conference, saying that when it came to “motivating and inspiring students to develop a passion for learning,” EdTech was not “the savior of American education.”

Moskawitz said it remains up to educators to drive student success, and stressed EdTech could help “digitize and automate” the education system outside of the classroom.

Where can EdTech start? Moskawitz suggested in simplifying administrative processes, digitizing student records, and creating teacher feedback loops – tech solutions that would make tutors’ lives a whole lot easier, too.

Moskawitz’s comments carry a lot of weight in NYC, where Success Academy runs 46 schools and its students regularly land in the top 5% on state math, English, and science exams.

New York City is also nation’s largest school district with around 2,700 educational institutions and one of the nation’s top EdTech hubs, with 98 startups and counting.

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