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Personalized Learning ‘Narrows the Education Equity Gap’

Personalized Learning ‘Narrows the Education Equity Gap’

Jan 03, 2018

Personalized Learning is more than just EdTech, according to RI’s chief education innovator: it’s giving every student an equal stake in their education.

Richard Culatta, Rhode Island’s Chief Innovation Officer, is a big fan of personalized learning – and for good reason.

Personalized learning “is narrowing the equity gap,” Culatta says, by offering students “a learning model tailored to their needs” and ownership of the learning experience.

Culatta launched the state’s Personalized Learning Initiative in September 2016, which is exploring how Rhode Island can offer such a learning model to all of its students.

The solution lies partly in technology, Culatta says, but adds that the new model “really requires some structural changes” to how schools operate in terms of classroom experience and how educators set personalized curriculum.

While Rhode Island and schools across the U.S. try to innovate personalized learning in the classroom—navigating tricky issues of funding, technology, and remolding how schools function—there already exists an easy failsafe: tutoring.

Tutoring offers students the very sort of personalized learning that Culatta and its proponents believe will boost academic performance back in the classroom.

banner image from https://www.the74million.org/article/74-interview-richard-culatta-on-how-to-do-personalized-learning-well-and-why-it-could-be-the-key-to-narrowing-a-schools-equity-gap/

74 Interview: Richard Culatta on How to Do Personalized Learning Well — and Why It Could Be the Key to Narrowing a School’s Equity Gap https://www.the74million.org/article/74-interview-richard-culatta-on-how-to-do-personalized-learning-well-and-why-it-could-be-the-key-to-narrowing-a-schools-equity-gap/

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