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Proximity is the Buzzword

Proximity is the Buzzword

Jan 09, 2018

The closer together we work, the more we collaborate and grow professionally, confirm the latest studies on how proximity affects educators in the workplace.

New studies have found that putting educators in closer quarters translates to more face-time and collaboration.

According to the latest study, educators are 30% more likely to interact with each other during the school day if they were within 78 feet of each other. Double the distance, the likelihood of interacting drops to 19%. Tripled, it falls to 11%.

There’s something to be said, then, about working together.

So what benefits could proximity deliver tutors?

Well, for one, George Washington University assistant professor Matthew Shirrell notes that “teaching has a history of being a very isolated profession.” Proximity means the opportunity to build personal and professional relationships. An independent educator like a tutor can still network with other tutors and educators. Collaborating has long-term benefits for your business, too.

Proximity also enhances professional development. Educators working close to each other share notes and feedback more often, and receiving feedback can to lead to stronger performance in the classroom, for educators and students alike.

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