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Satisfy parents and boost your brand with Clark’s session reports

Satisfy parents and boost your brand with Clark’s session reports

Nov 29, 2018

Tracking student progress in a way that parents care about—and in a way that gets their attention—is key to retaining tutoring clients in a competitive industry. At Clark, we’ve learned firsthand that providing thorough, real-time session reports improves parent satisfaction and boosts student success.

Clark’s session report feature can help your team of tutors quickly, easily, and effectively communicate with parents, and it also gives you easy access to reports to look up notes at any time.

Here’s how!

1. Mobile-friendly (and easy-to-use) interface for on-the-go reporting
Rather than jotting down comments in a notebook, without a structured format, and then taking them home to type up at a later time, tutors using Clark can log reports right on their mobile device in real-time. Using the same form for every report ensures consistent and complete reports, and mobile tools land reports in parents’ inboxes faster. Our tools are also optimized for ease of use, so even your least tech-savvy tutors can navigate its intuitive, friendly controls.

2. Ability to confirm, rate, and recap sessions
Clark’s session report feature provides space for tutors to confirm that an appointment happened and give it an overall rating, so parents can see at a glance how things are going. Tutors can enter notes to recap how well the session went so parents can see how well their students are tracking towards a goal

3.Branded email and automatic sending
Once a tutor submits a session report, we’ll automatically send it straight to parents so they’re in the know as soon as possible. The emailed report—like all communications sent through Clark—will be branded with your name and logo, giving it a polished and professional look and strengthening your clients’ positive impression of your company.

4.Report storage and easy look-up tool
Session reports logged and sent through Clark are stored in your business platform. That means you can access and review notes at any time, whether it’s to address a concern from a client, track general trends in reporting across your team, or see how individual tutors are using the tool.

Streamline and simplify processes, boost communication consistency and brand recognition, and set yourself, your team of tutors, and your clients up for success with Clark’s session reporting feature.

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