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The 2018 TOEFL Calendar & New Learning Resource

The 2018 TOEFL Calendar & New Learning Resource

Jan 31, 2018

The TOEFL exam is one avenue many English language learners use to study or work in the U.S. and other English-speaking countries. Here’s the 2018 test calendar for NYC, along with critical information for registering and preparing for the big day.

For millions of students worldwide, the opportunity to live and work in the United States is worth the serious effort required to make that dream come true.

Whether it’s to study at university, work for certain institutions, or apply for visas to countries like Australia, English language learners will need to prove they can master the English language. The Test of English as a Foreign Language, or TOEFL, is one popular way to do just that.

Like the IELTS exam (its U.K.-based cousin), the TOEFL exam tests students on their English reading, listening, writing, and speaking skills. Each component is scored out of 30 points, for a grand total of 120 points.

The TOEFL exam is administered online as the TOEFL iBT. A paper-based test is only available to students without access to one of the centrally located test centers.

For New York City, here is the confirmed 2018 TOEFL iBT calendar:


TOEFL iBT exam registration closes 7 days before each exam date and costs $195; there's a $40 fee for late registration (4 days prior to each exam date). Scores are generally available to students 10 days after taking the exam.

For more information on the TOEFL exam and other test centers and dates, check out the TOEFL website.

Launch of the TOEFL edX Course

English language tutors and students have a new digital resource for practicing the TOEFL exam starting in 2018. Educational Testing Service (TOEFL’s parent company) has partnered with online education platform edX to offer a free, six-week TOEFL preparatory course.

Students can work at their own pace through past test questions, with advice and explanations regarding test material and preparation for the big day. The Speaking and Writing components online allow students to have TOEFL professionals review some of their responses and give students’ constructive feedback.

The course also provides tutors with a great opportunity to structure their lesson plans around the online video and quiz content, as well as access to past exams for practice runs.

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