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The Most Popular Subjects For Tutors To Teach

The Most Popular Subjects For Tutors To Teach

Jul 06, 2017

Four of the most popular and in-demand subjects taught by tutors.

There is growing evidence suggesting that tutoring is associated with increased academic performance and more positive student feelings towards subject matter. With research like this that brings to light the benefits of tutoring, plus the gig economy growing, and the internet providing additional work opportunities, the number of tutors only continues to climb. There are numerous subjects that tutors can specialize in, but which are the most popular? Here are the four subjects in the highest demand.

Math Tutors

Math is one of the most popular subjects in which students will seek tutoring. It can certainly be complex, and this complexity only grows as students continue to advance through the many levels. If a student doesn’t have a strong grasp on foundational concepts, it can be increasingly difficult to build upon as it becomes more involved. Furthermore, many of the higher topics are more abstract, requiring a different type of thought. Math is an integral subject for all students, yet recent results of American students showed that the U.S. ranked 36th out of 65 countries in math scores, likely due to individual learning styles not being accommodated properly in schools. Obviously, there is room for improvement among American students in this subject. Tutoring can be extremely beneficial for students due to the one-on-one attention gained through sessions.

General math topics to tutor:

  • Early math: basic arithmetic, counting, and basic geometry
  • Middle school math: basic algebra, geometry, and measurement
  • High school math: pre-calculus, calculus, SAT & ACT math, and trigonometry
  • College & advanced math: logic, number theory, statistics, and other advanced mathematics courses

Popular math topics to tutor:

  • Basic & elementary math
  • SAT & ACT math
  • Calculus
Physical Science Tutors

Physical sciences are defined as the study of “any of the natural sciences that deal primarily with non-living material.” The physical sciences are mandatory in many stages of student education and are integral to our understanding both of the world we live in and the larger universe. Students often seek help on these subjects due to their more abstract nature and frequently-required memorization of facts. Not only are physical sciences important in daily life but, through mastering these subjects students will gain valuable skills in problem-solving, logic, reasoning, and theoretical thought. Tutors have a wonderful opportunity to step in and assist students in the wide range of topics that fall under this category.

General physical science topics to tutor:

  • Physics: motion & forces, heat & energy, physical math, and gravity & relativity
  • Chemistry: introductory chemistry, biochemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry
  • Earth Science: geology, meteorology, oceanography, and geophysics
    Astronomy: introductory astronomy, astrophysics, astrobiology, and planetary science

Popular physical science topics to tutor:

  • Introductory chemistry
  • Introductory physics
  • Organic chemistry
English Tutors

At the most basic level, English literacy is necessary for successful communication. Beyond foundational knowledge acquired during a student’s elementary schooling, continuing to understand the intricacies and complex structures of English is important for numerous reasons. As the world continues to globalize, English has become one of the foremost languages spoken in business and otherwise. In fact, The Harvard Business Review reports that 1 in 4 people worldwide speak English at an advanced level, approximately one billion internet users utilize English as their virtual language. Furthermore, English is the most commonly studied language in the world. Clearly, it’s an important skill for global communication purposes. The more advanced English subjects also equip students with beneficial ancillary skills through learning, such as critical thinking, thoughtful discussion, reasoning, creativity, and much more.

General English topics to tutor:

  • Reading: critical reading, elementary reading, research methods, and reading comprehension
  • Writing: essay writing, creative writing, research paper writing, narrative writing, and note taking
  • ESL: general English skills, basic & advanced grammar, test preparation, and English for Specific Purposes programs (ESP)
  • Additional subjects: vocabulary, grammar, poetry, and discussion

Popular English topics to tutor:

  • ESL
  • SAT & ACT reading comprehension & vocabulary
  • Elementary English
Language Tutors

International communication and travel, both for personal and business reasons, are quickly on the rise. Thus, it’s no surprise that foreign language education is mandatory in many schools. Not only is foreign language proficiency important for communication purposes, but students learn important skills through their study of language, such as better problem solving and cognitive skills. Furthermore, learning foreign languages increases cultural appreciation, improves memory recall, and boosts creativity in students. One-on-one foreign language instruction with tutors is in high demand, likely due to the opportunity of immersive interaction and specialized attention to learning styles.

General language topics to tutor:

  • Vocabulary: introductory vocabulary and advanced vocabulary
  • Grammar: conjugations, spoken & written grammar, and contextual grammatical applications across different contexts
  • Interaction: one-on-one conversation, group discussion, and written versus spoken communication
  • Reading & Writing: basic sentence structure, advanced essay writing, research, and advanced novel reading

Popular language topics to tutor:

  • Spanish (basic to intermediate)
  • French (basic to intermediate)
  • Mandarin Chinese (basic)

Whether you’re exploring tutoring options for yourself, deciding which field to tutor in, or a seasoned tutor simply keeping tabs on the industry, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the market and keep up with the trends. While these categories may highlight the most popular and prevalent subjects in the industry, tutors are equally as important and beneficial to student learning within all areas.

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