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Top Education-Related Podcasts

Top Education-Related Podcasts

Aug 15, 2017

Eight of the most informative and interesting podcasts that focus on education.

Listening to podcasts is a simple way to learn new things and remain up-to-date on developments of all types. They come in a vast variety of topics and lengths making it easy for everyone to find time to throw on an episode, even if a long commute isn’t part of your daily routine. Education-related podcasts are more popular than they’ve ever been, with the number of shows and episodes continuing to climb each day. Whether you’re a teacher, a tutor, or simply someone interested in the academic landscape, there are a number of podcasts to choose from for your listening pleasure. Check out this eight-spot roundup of the best education-related podcasts both for classroom strategies and industry developments.

  1. Teachers Aid: This podcast by BAM Radio Network is an excellent resource for classroom management. Episodes are released weekly and feature tips and tricks for tackling challenging problems that educators often face. Host Rae Pica invites new guests each episode to discuss strategies and research to discuss. Through this podcast, her goal is to encourage the development of a well-rounded student through highlighting multiple perspectives on each topic.

  2. K12 Greatest Hits: Another BAM Radio Network production, K12 Greatest Hits is a collection of the best education-related podcast episodes from their library. With over 200 episodes, this podcast is wonderful for educators interested in all types of teaching strategies. Since this is a selection from a much larger supply, there is a substantial mix of topics, styles, and more, making this an ideal podcast for those who want something fresh.

  3. The Urban & Educating Podcast: This informative podcast is a fantastic option for educators looking for assistance in classroom management and increasing student engagement. Dr. Shaun Woodley, renowned professor, hosts each episode and uploads new material each week. The podcast was only recently introduced to the public, but already has wonderful reviews. Woodley’s research-based suggestions on teaching strategies are helpful for those looking to boost their educational success.

  4. The Teach Better Podcast: Released every two weeks, The Teach Better Podcast is an interview-style production featuring meaningful conversations with educators. The show focuses primarily on higher education, but often includes topics that can span all types of teaching. Hosts Doug McKee and Edward O’Neill discuss a variety of topics with their guests, spanning from technology in the classroom to making mistakes as an educator.

  5. Inspiration 4 Teachers: Kelly Long hosts this podcast, released each week. She brings in influential, well-respected guests in the field of education and interviews each of them about the biggest challenges they have faced and how they overcame them. The show is inspiring and informational, helping educators everywhere gain insight on the most effective ways to solve even the most complex issues in the classroom.

  6. TEDTalks Education: Innovation leader TEDTalks focuses strictly on education in this short podcast, with each episode running between ten and twenty minutes. The show features various industry leaders addressing topics such as current development, future implications for the education realm, and more. Educators and those interested in education in general will be captivated by TEDTalk Education.

  7. #EdChat Radio: #EdChat Radio, another BAM Radio Network production, is one of the most recommended podcasts related to education. With episodes clocking in around ten minutes, it’s a great way for listeners to get quick doses of academic info on the go. Hosts Tom Whitby and Nancy Blair take to Twitter for this podcast, scouring the #edchat hashtag to come up with each episode’s topics. The content is interesting and current, highlighting some of the best and most interesting questions and subjects in the education realm today.

  8. Stanford Innovation Lab: Stanford eCorner, a program dedicated to helping entrepreneurs, created the Stanford Innovation Lab podcast to feature interesting concepts to inspire self-starters. Host Tina Seelig brings new guests onto the show to discuss innovation in entrepreneurship. While not solely focused on education, it’s relevant and interesting for everyone, and those in academia will find that many topics lend well to improving one’s business savvy.

Podcasts are an efficient and interesting way to get information on the go, and there’s no shortage of those that focus on education-related topics. Regardless of whether you’re an educator or not, the world of academia is important for everyone and it never hurts to stay informed on developments in the industry. From teaching strategies to the anticipated evolution of our school system, there are episodes that will prove to be interesting to all. If diving in seems a little bit daunting, these eight podcasts are the perfect ones to get started with.

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