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What To Do If The Weather Postponed Your SAT or ACT Date

What To Do If The Weather Postponed Your SAT or ACT Date

Sep 12, 2017

The next steps for students whose ACT exam date was affected by Hurricane Harvey or Irma.

While students were preparing to take their college entrance exams over the recent weeks, many were forced to prepare for unpredictable hurricanes as well. Thousands of students in Florida, Georgia, Texas and other states in both Hurricane Harvey and Irma’s paths expressed concern regarding the tests in advance of the storm and what would happen if they weren’t able to take it on their originally planned date. Now that the storms have passed, many have had to deal with last minute cancellations of the exams. Students originally planning to take the SAT August 26th have been rescheduled to the 16th of September, and ACT organizers are officially working on rescheduling the September 9th exam for certain locations. If you were one of the many affected by weather on your originally planned test date, here are the next steps to take.

  1. Confirm cancellation. The ACT website has provided this list of all exam centers that canceled the September 9th exam. For those who were scheduled to take the August SAT, canceled locations are listed here. Double check to confirm that you were indeed registered at a listed location. If your test center was not affected but you still missed the exam, you aren’t eligible for a refund but you can reschedule your date for an additional fee.

  2. Check your email. The rescheduled ACT exam dates and locations have not yet been announced. However, organizers of the test will be reaching out to all registrants who had their test canceled to provide information about their rescheduled exam date. Keep an eye on your inbox in the coming days as new dates and locations are announced. Those taking the SAT have been rescheduled for September 16th, and should have received information via email regarding makeup location.

  3. Contact the ACT organizers. If you have not heard any information via email within a few days of the canceled exam, you can contact the ACT organizers at (319) 337-1510 or the College Board at (866) 630-9305 to review options and get additional information about the rescheduled dates. Additionally, if you are unable to take the exam on the rescheduled date once the information has been released, you’ll want to contact them to discuss your options. In that situation, you will be able to reschedule again on dates that are available and you will not incur any fees.

  4. Don’t panic. Many students are worried that a delayed test date will lead to delayed results, which is a big source of anxiety for those applying early to schools this fall. Don’t panic! The vast majority of schools are understanding when outside circumstances affect score dates. If you are extremely concerned, contact the school’s admissions department to inform them of the issue so they can help determine next steps for your specific situation.

College admission exams can often bring with them much anxiety for students. Adding an exam cancellation to the list can often feel overwhelming and add to the stress. It’s important to remember to remain calm; the first priority is always safety. By using the above protocols to remain informed, your rescheduled test day will run just as smoothly as it would have without a cancellation.

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