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Why work for a local tutoring center?

Why work for a local tutoring center?

Jan 08, 2019

Tutoring offers teachers a great way to pick up an easy income on the side.

Why tutor over, say, Uber or another side gig? As a seasoned educator, it’s familiar work on a flexible schedule. Plus, tutoring provides the opportunity to sharpen your skills as an educator and work one-on-one to deliver better student outcomes.

Another question is: where to tutor?

While larger franchises may promise name recognition and visibility, a local tutoring center offers unique benefits to tutors as well as the students they serve.

1. More Direct & Personal Contact

Going local means building a closer relationship with students in the area. Local tutoring centers draw from the talent and experience from area schools, meaning tutors have a natural edge when it comes to understanding their students’ needs.

2. Better Relationship with Schools

The local connection also means a better relationship between the tutoring center and schools. After all, many tutors will have backgrounds as educators. An effective working relationship enables stronger academic support for students, as well as for future referrals.

3. More Autonomy

Tutors at local tutoring centers enjoy more personal autonomy to set their own hours, negotiate hourly rates, and to build a closer relationship with the center’s management. More autonomy means more power in educators’ hands.

4. Customized Learning Plans

More autonomy also extends to customizing learning plans to meet students’ needs – and not being held to a formulaic framework or prescribed methodology. The direct student relationship allows teachers to tailor personalized learning plans.

6. More Take Home Pay

Local tutoring centers, by and large, offer more take-home pay out of tutors’ hourly rates, thanks to less admin and overhead costs. More pay, more reward for your time and expertise.

Choosing tutoring as your side gig should be an easy choice for educators. It’s doing more of the work you love. Going local ensures that you enjoy better pay, more autonomy, and a side gig worthy of an all-star educator.