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Your Guide to 2018 Education Conferences

Your Guide to 2018 Education Conferences

Feb 20, 2018

All the major conferences that educators should mark on their calendars this year, for personal and professional growth, networking opportunities, and learning more about 21st century education.

For full-time tutors, making time for your own professional development and networking opportunities is an important responsibility.

Every year, the education world is abuzz with conferences that attract a range of talent and perspectives that can enrich a tutor’s skills, widen networks with other educators, and set a course for scaling your business with smarts.

Here are upcoming education conferences that tutors (and, of course, others in education and EdTech) should mark on their calendars for 2018:

1. BrainStorm Conference, March 4-6, Wisconsin Dells

A forum of more than 120 sessions, BrainStorm is designed to bring together education technologists and EdTech vendors to learn and connect with the latest in the growing industry.

2. SXSWedu, March 5-8, Austin

Like its more widely known cousin, the SXSW conference and festival, the SXSWedu conference attracts major figures from around the education world. This year’s conference includes hundreds of panelists, presenters, and education-related businesses from across the U.S.

3. CUE (Computer Using Educators), March 14-17, Palm Springs

Educators have been attending the CUE conferences for over 40 years, a premier conference introducing the current digital offerings to teachers, technology coordinators, and school administrators.

4. ACT-W National Conference, April 10-13, Phoenix

This year marks ChickTech's first national Advancing the Careers of Technical Women conference, with more than 2,500 participants engaging in workshops, panels, one-on-one mentoring sessions, and more. While ChickTech seeks to advance women in technology jobs, the three-day conference is open to everyone. All proceeds go towards providing free STEM education programs to local high school girls and to building ChickTech’s global reach.

5. ASU-GSV Summit, April 16-18, San Diego

One of the biggest shows in town when it comes to EdTech, the annual summit involves big names like major education philanthropist Bill Gates, and the ever-controversial U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos. For those looking to network in the education innovation sector, this conference is not one to miss!

6. CampusInsight, April 16-20, Orlando

Now in its 30th year, CampusInsight inspires hundreds of college and university professionals with the latest possibilities of incorporating education technology into higher education.

7. ISTE Conference, June 24-27, Chicago

ISTE brings together more than 16,000 educators and 550 education companies to learn, grow, and share with hundreds of seminars and hands-on sessions involving the latest in EdTech.

8. Close It Summit, October 15-18, Brooklyn

This conference is for the future-oriented tutor. Close It’s focus in 2018 will be the changing nature of work and how that will affect education. The conference attracts innovators, major policy and industry figures, and top tech strategists.

9. EDUCAUSE, October 30-November 2, Denver

EDUCAUSE is another premier EdTech event, with over 300 sessions and 700 presenters. The annual conference is geared more for those working in higher education.

10. Reimagine Education, December 2018, Philadelphia

This is one for the tech heads. More than 1,000 EdTech innovators submit their proposed works to the annual Reimagine Education Conference, sponsored by the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, and the Wharton SEI Center for Advanced Studies in Management. Entry to the competition is free, and the top prize is $50,000 in project funding.