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Kickstart your tutoring business with Clark Build

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Clark Build is an entrepreneurship 
bootcamp for educators and tutoring businesses who want to level up. Earn a living doing what you love.

What is Clark Build?

Get off the ground with Clark Build

Clark Build is a full suite of business services and tools created to launch and grow new tutoring centers. Clark Build can help with everything from incorporation and marketing, to getting matched with new students.

What does Clark Build include?

Think of it like an entrepreneurship bootcamp for tutors

  • Get incorporated and set up a business
  • Join a network led by experts
  • Workshop your business plan
  • Demystify digital marketing
  • Get set up with the Clark software
  • Earn your Clark Certification
  • Gain access to support network of leaders

Who should apply

We're looking for the next generation of tutoring businesses.

  • Talented eduactors who are ready to tutor full time
  • Actively tutoring at least 1 student
  • Willing to undergo a tutoring assessment and background check
  • Able to commit to building a business over the course of the next 12 months

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