Frequently Asked Questions

What is Clark?

Clark is a virtual assistant for tutors that helps you manage and scale your business. Clark handles scheduling, payments, dealing with clients, communicating student progress to parents, cancellations and rescheduling. Clark makes sure your tutoring business runs smoothly and allows you to focus on what your do best: teaching.

How do I use Clark?

You can access Clark through the native app. In the app you can chat with Clark and say exactly what you need. You can preview schedule and manage your payments. Students and their parents will hear from Clark through SMS or email. Clark contacts you with reminders, payment notifications, appointments so you don’t have to work about a thing. Need help with something? Just chat Clark. You really just have to keep tutoring the way you already are. Clark will make sure every session is scheduled and paid for on time and that you are able to account for every penny you’ve earned.

What are the app requirements?

The iPhone app is compatible with iOS 10+. An android app is coming soon!

What does Clark cost?

Clark is free to use with all of your existing clients. Be sure to add all of your students during the onboarding process and then manage your business with them for free. After you save admin time with Clark and have time to take on more students, Clark charges you a 10% session fee for new business.

How do parents and students pay me?

After you sign up, Clark sets your clients up with credit card payments via Stripe. Parents or your adult clients are charged your full session rate at the beginning of each confirmed session and a partial rate for any cancellations. They are also automatically sent invoices. No more missed payments, paper checks, and no more trying to manage your invoicing. More importantly, your payment is always on time!

What payment methods do you support?

All payments are made securely through Stripe. We accept all standard credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, JCB, and Diners Club. If you have clients who prefer to pay by direct deposit, please let Clark know when you sign up.

How does Clark schedule my sessions?

You can view your full schedule in the native app at any time. Just tap schedule. We make sure that each student on your roster is scheduled according to your pre-existing relationship and we handle rescheduling after each completed session. You don’t have to do a thing - all we need from you is your updated availability.

How do I get paid out?

You will be paid out at the end of every day. At the end of the year, we send you a 1099 to document your earnings for your taxes. All payouts are handled securely through Stripe.

Wait, I get paid for cancellations?

Yep! We’ll enforce our default policy (50% payment within 24 hours) or you can provide your own policy. The best part is that we proactively catch cancellations and attempt to schedule another student in that spot, maximizing your time, so you can end the week with a lot more money in hand.

Are my clients still mine?

Of course. And it’s our opinion that you shouldn’t work with anyone who treats them otherwise. You are free to communicate with students and their parents, schedule your own sessions with them, renegotiate rates, or change locations. We won't get in the way, just be sure to let us know how we can be helpful!

Is Clark for me?

Are you a tutor having trouble managing your admin work? Are you looking for new students? Do you want to grow your business? If so, Clark is for you.

I know an awesome tutor/parent/student. How can I refer them?

Contact us here or through the chat at the bottom of the screen and let us know how we can reach them. You'll earn bonuses for person who successfully joins the platform.

Can you help me find new students?

Sure! We make it easy for you to create a profile and receive tutoring requests from prospective students and their parents. Just download the app and ask Clark for a link to set up your profile.