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Grow your tutoring business by 25% with Clark, a virtual assistant built for educators.


Find More Students

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Clark makes it easy for you to develop a clientele by matching you with students in your area who need your specific services. Sign up, create a profile and we’ll message you when someone’s interested.


Clark schedules your sessions on your behalf, eliminating busy work and reducing your cancellation rate to zero. It's all available through the app – an always-on assistant that keeps you and your students informed when things change.

Progress Reports

Give parents something to put on the refrigerator. Provide your students with updates on their academic performance. Track against the goals you've set for your students and keep everyone informed through a convenient student progress web dashboard.

Get Paid Now.

Get paid on time, for every session you teach. Accept credit cards and receive payment at the beginning of each session without having to remind anyone. Just connect us with your students or their parents and Clark will do the rest.


Free for your existing students.

We only charge for new students. The fees for each new student are:

50% of your session rate for the first session and...

10% of your session rate for each session thereafter.


Free for your existing students.

We only charge for new students you acquire through Clark. The fees for each new student are;

50% of your earnings for the first session, then…

10% of your earnings for each session after.


Give your busy work to Clark and earn 25% more each week with these features:

  • Pre-paid credit card payments
  • Automatic rescheduling through the app
  • Cancellation compensation
  • Post-session progress reports
  • Easy communication with parents and students
  • 24/7 access to Clark
Josh sohn
The big thing Clark does that I really appreciate and my clients really value are session reports…Not only is that wonderful for a parent to keep tabs on what’s going on, it’s a great sales ad for tutors.

- Josh, SAT Prep Tutor

Grow Your Tutoring Business by 25% Each Week