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Simplify scheduling, payments, progress tracking, and parent communications with Clark - business software for tutors.

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Manage Your Students

Keep track of all your students’ details in a single location. Send automated reminders for upcoming sessions, look up payment history, and get in touch with one click.

Made Simple

Schedule sessions with your students in less than 60 seconds. Easily manage your schedule with automated reminders and repeat sessions with the touch of a button.

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Automated payments

Session Payments

Set up recurring session payments and record earnings with no hassle for you or your students. Get paid via credit card as each session occurs or accept pre-payment for blocks of sessions.

Student Progress Tracking

Kick off new engagements with beautifully formatted learning plans, seamlessly sent to parents and teachers. Track and share student progress as it happens with integrated session reporting, providing parents with effortless insights.

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Find New Students

Advertise your tutoring business online and get matched with new students in your area. Show off your credentials and qualifications and get background checked with no hassle.

Virtual Assistance

Clark is available to chat whenever you need assistance. Offload your administrative work to dedicated staff who can help you focus on what matters: teaching.

Daily digest
Josh sohn
The big thing Clark does that I really appreciate and my clients really value are session reports…Not only is that wonderful for a parent to keep tabs on what’s going on, it’s a great sales ad for tutors.

- Josh, SAT Prep Tutor

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