Tutor more Stress less

Grow your tutoring business by 25% with Clark, an operational assistant that handles all of your day-to-day activities. Access it wherever you are—we’re available via SMS, email, and a native app. Let us handle the busywork so you can focus on the important work: teaching.

Clear, simple communication.

Stay in touch with students and parents through the app. Ask Clark for assistance whenever you need it. Keep your students informed of their progress with lightweight reports that they can refer to at any time. You write the message, we’ll deliver it to them via SMS, email, or carrier pigeon–whichever they prefer.

Payment anxiety? We've got your back.

We’re moving your tutoring business into the 21st century with automatic credit card payments and simple cancellation policies. No more asking your students for checks, and you’ll end each week with the money you expected. How’s that for predictability?

Scheduling? Piece of cake.

You focus on educating. We’ll schedule each session and confirm your students’ arrival ahead of time. Next week’s sessions are scheduled automatically, and when life happens, we’ll handle rescheduling, too. It’s all visible from your own calendar.